About Us

Custom Environmental Design Is a Leading Landscape Design and Installation Company Serving Colorado With More Than 20 Years Of Experience In Commercial and Residential Landscaping.

The skyline of Denver, Colorado with the foothills and Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Our Mission

Landscaping makes the subtle difference in how a person perceives the environment they enter. It’s one of those invisible elements that penetrates the psyche and sets the tone for the rest of the experience to follow. Custom Environmental Designs’ mission is to provide beautiful, sensible, easy to manage, water saving landscapes that meet your needs financially, ascetically, and creates a positive environment for you and your visitors.

Our Values

Founded in 1996, Custom Environmental Design has a long history of commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction.  Not only will we use the highest quality and most energy/water efficient materials and construction techniques for your landscape installation, but we consider your design dreams and needs. Whether it be privatizing patios, mitigating noise, adding colorful, fragrant, flower gardens, attracting birds, or just a lawn for the family; it is our pleasure to provide you with a landscape that adds to the value of your home and your home life!

Above and Beyond

In this economy we can provide an equal or more often times a better product at a lower price due to our efficient business practices. With over 20 years in the business,  we pride ourselves in giving our customer the most energy and water efficient landscapes. We also believe, while the process of construction is important, what is most important is how you finish. Finishing well, on time with a solid product delivered to the client will always be what is remembered and referred.

See What Our Clients Are Saying
Bringing You Excellent Landscapes
Mark Gravestock President
With a background in farming, hi-tech construction and business, Mark ensures all CED projects are delivered at the best value projects and on schedule.
Luis Castruita Foreman
Luis has 10+ experience in landscape installation and is our primary site foreman for all projects.
Marvin Miller COO & Project Manager
The first person you will meet is likely Marvin. His 25+ years of experience in commercial landscape contributes to all aspects of the business. Marvin oversees and prepares commercial bids, drives project management and also support with day to day running of the company.
Hugo Rodriguez Project Manager
Hugo is a masterful bid/estimate generator for our commercial projects. He also drives project management and execution, ensuring your landscape installation goes smoothly.

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